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We’re Katherine (A Baker) and Spencer (Her Chef), the couple behind this lovely blog you have stumbled upon!



We love our two pups (Captain- right, Bucky- left), each other, and cooking good food together (and getting to eat it!)


We met back in early 2015 at a grocery store- I was working as a Cake Decorator and Spencer as a chef in the Kitchen Department. We instantly connected over food (obviously), our love for all things nerdy, and dogs (are these not the cutest terriers you’ve ever seen??) From there we have changed jobs, adopted two dogs, moved to Chicago, moved back to Iowa, bought a house, got hitched in November 2020, and are currently expecting a baby girl in September 2021! We are super excited to share this part of our lives with you…. and hope that we give you some great recipes along the way!


We don’t confine ourselves to any one type of cuisine- we love ALL types of food from all over the world and our goal is to bring you scrumptious, tasty recipes that will help you discover a love for cooking and baking! I tend to create more of our sweeter recipes while Spencer sticks to, well, pretty much everything else. He is an amazing culinary genius and he just. knows. food. He has some of the most amazing recipes and mouthwatering dishes I have had in my life and we hope you check some of our recipes out.




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