Egg Roll Wrapping and Frying Tutorial


Want to learn how to consistently wrap (and fry) an Egg Roll?

We’ve got a great tutorial for you!


You love egg rolls right? And you’ve tried to fold them and fry them before, but they’re either too raw or too burned, or the filling leaks out, or maybe you can’t figure out how to obtain that GBD (Golden-Brown-Delicious) fry, right?

Well do we have a doozy for you here!


Read through below on how to seamlessly wrap and fry an egg roll (of any kind)! With a bit of patience and understanding that frying is actually quite technical (especially if you don’t have an industrial fryer) you will be well on your way to some gorgeous looking egg rolls in no-time!


What you will need:

  • Egg Roll Wrappers
  • Egg Roll Recipe (Maybe try our Jalapeno Popper recipe? )
  • Water
  • Canola Oil
  • Frying Pan or Deep-Set Skillet Pan
  • Candy or Oil Thermometer (I use my candy one and it works beautifully)
  • Tongs



When frying, you are looking for GBD (GOLDEN. BROWN. DELICIOUS- learn the term and use it as a guide for all things fried!) The picture above is a beautiful example of what you should be looking for. The picture below is a recipe we think you should try out!


Cinnamon Apple Cheddar Egg Rolls



Egg Roll Wrapping and Frying

Want to know how we get such good lookin' and good tastin' egg rolls? Check this tutorial out!


  • Candy Thermometer
  • Pastry/Piping Bag


  • Egg Roll Wrappers As many as your recipe calls for
  • Canola Oil For frying
  • Water For sealing egg roll wrappers


  • Create your egg roll filling (your choice!) and if hot, let cool down to room temperature.
  • While your filling is cooling down (if needed), prepare your egg roll wrappers by placing them in a diamond shape (1st picture) in front of you on a clean surface. I find that doing multiple at a time helps with the consistency of wrapping.
  • Add filling to a pastry or piping bag and cut a 1 1/4 inch opening at the tip. Pipe your filling onto each wrapper, leaving enough wrapper on either side to be folded in without any filling seeping out (1st picture)
  • Take the bottom tip of your wrapper and fold it over your piped filling (2nd Picture)
  • Take both the left and right tips of your wrapper and fold into each other, making sure that they touch (3rd photo), then roll your filling (once) over the fold you just made (4th photo)
  • At this point, you could continue on to step 7 and skip this step if you prefer to have some extra crispy dough on each end of your egg roll, but I prefer to fold my edges in slightly to get a more uniform shape (5th photo)
  • Brush the top tip of your wrapper with some water (I usually use my impeccably clean fingers) and continue rolling your egg roll until the tip is folded over the entire roll, then seal the seam with more water (6th photo)
  • Once all of your egg rolls are prepared, heat your canola oil (enough to fry a few at a time) over medium heat until it reaches 350 degrees Fahrenheit, using your thermometer as a guide. Prepare a plate or surface with paper towels to transfer your egg rolls onto later.
  • Once the oil has reached 350 degrees, add in your egg rolls, a few at a time, and occasionally flip them until they look golden brown delicious! We usually turn ours a few times to make sure both sides get all the love they need. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to maintain 350 degrees throughout the entire frying process... you may need to fiddle with your stove settings while you fry if your temperature rises or drops. Ours maintains 350 degrees (gas stove) on medium heat, without the need to change the setting- each stove will be different. Try one egg roll to begin with to learn how your stove will fry.
  • Transfer to a paper towel, let cool, and enjoy!

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