How to Dice an Onion- The Proper Way


Follow this tutorial if you want perfectly cut and uniform pieces of onion every time!


I never really cared about dicing my onions all uniform  and “perfect” before I met Spencer…. but I guess being around him so long the Chef in him rubs off a little bit and now I am obsessed with cutting onions. I legit get upset if he beats me to it when we’re cooking together. I’ve become so good at it now!

However, for this tutorial, I decided to give Spencer the spotlight and let him be the one to show you guys.


What you will need:

  • Onion
  • Cutting Board
  • Chef’s Knife (make sure it’s sharp- A dull knife has no place in the kitchen!)



Step 1:

Hold your onion with the root side (the grassy-stringy looking end) facing your non-dominant hand (we are right handed, so in our case it’s facing left), and cut the opposite end off.


Step 2:

Placing your onion on the flat side that you just cut, slice your onion in half, root facing up.


Step 3: 

Place one of the halves of onion on it’s flat side you just cut, making sure that the root is once again, facing your left side.  You will now be cutting sideways into the onion (from the flat side almost all the way to the root side- DO NOT cut through the root!) Cut once towards the bottom, a second time in the center, and a third time towards the top.


Step 4: 

Holding the onion stable, slice your onion from the top-down making sure you cut perpendicular to step 3. Insert the tip of your knife first and make sure it is pointing towards the root, as it will cut much smoother. In equal increments, cut like this the entire way across the onion, making sure not to cut the root.


Step 5:

For the final step, using your fingertips to hold the onion root facing your left again, cut parallel to the root from the top down until you can’t any longer and…


You will now have perfectly diced onions!


Look at these beauties! I decided to use them in my lunch because how could I not??? I made a cheeseburger stir-fry and added these right in… recipe coming soon! It was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.



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