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Hello there!

I’m Katherine and my soon-to-be-husband is Spencer, and together we make up the bakin’, cookin, and writin’ team here at A Baker and Her Chef


We’d love to give you our life’s story in this introduction, but that wouldn’t leave us any content to accompany our recipes (provided we don’t run out- we’re SO EAGER to share our recipes with you that we just might get ahead of ourselves…) so we’ll settle for giving you a quick glimpse at what’s brought us both to this blog.


Five and a half years ago I was working as a Cake Decorator and Spencer had gotten a new position as a cook in the Kitchen department of the same grocery store chain, and once our paths crossed, we stuck together like caramel to an apple in the middle of a still-pretty-warm Autumn day here in Iowa. From there we’ve acquired two furry best friends, Captain and Bucky (a 4 year old Jack Russell and 11 year old Rat Terrier, respectively), bought our first house together, and are now counting down the days until we say “We do!”


Needless to say, FOOD is what brought us together and it’s our passion for baking, cooking and of course EATING that drives us to this blog! Ask any Chef, Baker, Pastry Artist, or food entrepreneur of any kind and they’ll tell you that their dream is to “own a restaurant” or a “cookie business” or a “food truck” or a “confectionery” or a…. okay, I could go on and on, but I’ll stop there. While all of those business adventures are dreams for Spencer and I, we figured we would start with what we know: good food and how to cook it.


We hope that when you read through our stories and try out a few of our recipes, you find excitement, delight, and a true passion for being in the kitchen (and frankly, we just want you to eat some super scrumptious food!)



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